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Untitled by Yungibear
Felix doesn't like Scotty.

White Lies by Winny (www)
Felix isn't fooled by Adrian.

Foretaste by Winny (www)
Adrian/Felix. "You got your ears pierced?"

Conspicuous in Casual by tdthemagicman (www)
"Scott doesn't want Adrian to know he's watching."

Something Special by spamlord (www)
Slight Adrian/Scotty. Scotty is not much of a party boy.

Ass and Fail by spamlord (www)
Scotty/Chris interaction.

Feet or Fire? by LA DOCE (www)
Scotty meets some goons in the process of saving the day.

Best Striker by LA DOCE (www)
Adiran and Felix debate something, and Scotty makes a fool of himself.

A Look at his Soft Side by kei
"So yeah, I know Felix probably dosen't write in a diary or have a Hello Kitty clock but I can dream, right? I was bored."

Untitled by cold
Scotty thinks about his style. Involves all the themes.

Untitled by cold
Scotty's caught wearing something he doesn't want to wear, by goons he don't want to see.

My first clumsy attempt at a drabble! by biev (www)
Mrs. Pacman talks to Scotty about his inattentiveness in class.

Second Part by biev (www)
Sequel to the above. Scotty's confused by Adrian. "In which Biev does her best to avoid sounding too emo, and takes a wild guess at their personality...?" 

Untitled by abshiedsbrief
Felix/Adrian. Felix tells Adrian something he already knows.

Surprise! by Winny (www)
"Voilą! Proof that my friend and I are such dorks! XD"

Realistically by chiharu (www)
A series of drabbles that tie together -- involves ear piercing, a mysterious girl, and jealousy.

Realistically 2 by chiharu (www)
Another series of drabbles, sequel to Realistically. The boys go to soccer camp.

Sick Bay by chiharu (www)
Scotty gets sick and just wants some rest. Unfortunately, three goons won't leave his room.

Petty Jealousy by authoress
"Felix doesn't like Scott. And nobody wonders why."


Soccer is Full of Cheese
is somewhat of a mockery of cliche shounen-ai comics. It's hosted on ComicGenesis, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.