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Scott Schroeder
Age: 16
Class: Junior/11th grade
Height: a head shorter than Felix

Scotty is the new kid at the school. His blond, uke-ish looks mask the fact that he is loud, potty-mouthed, and slightly annoying. Enthusiastic in his approach to life, he's got a great head for facts -- translates into super smart at school -- but blundering and inept in everyday matters. When Adrian is the only one to help him out on his first day, he gains an adoring idolization of him.


Age: 17
Class: Senior/12th grade
Height: up to Felix's eyes

Adrian, the soccer captain, is calm, cool, and collected. Smooth and good at getting people to "do what I want", he is the first one to treat Scotty with kindness at German Sausage High School.  

Age: 16
Class: Junior/11th grade
Height: tall

Felix is a grumpy, insulting, snappy, and impatient jerk. He takes an immediate dislike to Scotty upon their first meeting.


Age: ?
Class: ?
Height: a head above Scotty

Chris is Scotty's roommate. He's talkative and friendly but seems slightly insane. 


More info will come when it's introduced in the comic!! <3 (Because I'm not sure about anything and don't want this to be a PAGE OF LIES later!)

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