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Elephantitis of the Mind * Toothpaste for Dinner * Cyanide and Happiness * White Ninja Comics * Perry Bible Fellowship * Satisfied? * Thingpart * Natalie Dee * Questionable Content * Nothing Nice to Say * 21deadmonkeys

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Earthbound * I'm Gonna Make You Love ME! * Artist's Block * Thorny Plums 

Non-Comic Sites I Visit:

my deviantART
FASHION JAPAN - crazy ass Japanese fashion
The Sartorialist - what New Yorkers wear
PostSecret - secrets
Something Awful forums - for rainy days
The Superficial - celebrity gossip
Savage Love - Dan Savage's sex column
Vice Magazine US - "a dirty, fun, testosterone-charged vice"
The Best Page in the Universe - never updated
All Recipes - delicious


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Soccer is Full of Cheese
is somewhat of a mockery of cliche shounen-ai comics. It's hosted on ComicGenesis, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.