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Soccer is Full of Cheese is a semi-parody of cliché shounen-ai manga and webcomics. It's about an emo-glasses blond boy's adventures in an all-boys boarding school, where he meets cute boys and plays with balls. HAHA! I'm awesome.

Okay guys, I'm going to let you in on a secret!! SFC wasn't originally a parody at all! I started drawing this in a notebook when I was in eighth grade and I looked back on it recently, and was like, "Holy guacamole!! This the cheesiest thing I've ever read in my life!" But I've always wanted to put a comic on the intrawebs, so I tweaked some stuff and put it on ComicGenesis under the pretense that it was intended as a parody! HA!

About how I draw it:


About the school these goobers attend:

German Sausage High School is rich, private, all-boys, and full of people who dress weirdly. It uses the American school rankings system -- first years are 14-15 years old and called freshmen, second years are 15-16 year old sophomores, third years are 16-17 years old juniors, fourth years are 17-18 and called seniors. 

In German Sausage, freshmen wear purple pants, sophomores starry pants, juniors heart pants, and seniors happy pants. PAGE!

About the mens touching mens warning:

My randomly-generated ad shows up on some guy's page, and one of his visitors says something like, "Why do you have an ad for a comic about mens touching mens?" So I took it and made it mine!

About Me

Age: less than 6000, more than 3.1415926535
Birthday: March 16
Likes: Art, sushi, music, cooking, magic tricks!
Dislikes: School, saying stupid things, doing stupid things, poisonous caterpillars in the pool
Hobbies: Being kickin' rad!

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